Our cuisine

For starters, our guests can choose from a careful selection of seafood: clams, octopus, prawns, etc., and especially our empanada (Galician pie), known for its tasty and unique pastry, whose elaboration has been a very weIl kept secret. 

To go on, diners can choose from our wide variety of fresh fish, in which trout is worthy of mention (there is a local celebration of this fish in the village the last weekend of may), or otherwise, opt for the best local meat, of which undoubtedly, roast kid has become the signature dish of the restaurant.

Our house also offers a dish typical of Galicia, as is the Galician stew, made with local products. In hunting season (october to march), our guests can sample the best of hunting, especiaIly our partridge in chasseur (hunter's) sauce and wild boar with chestnuts. In addition, coinciding with the local fair, on the 5th and 20th of each month, our delicious tripe stew is available.

To end the meal, we have a wide assortment of homemade desserts, which combined with a good coffee and homemade liquors of the area, will make unforgettable your stay at Casa Pipeiro

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